Sponsorship and endorsement play a significant role in the career of a professional tennis player, not only financially but also in terms of brand association and image building.


Sponsorship & Endorsement Strategy

We evaluate the player's current market value, strengths, and brand compatibility., We then develop a strategy that aligns with the player's career goals, personal values, and target audience.


Partners Identification

We research and identify brands and companies that align with the player's image, values, and aspirations. We then help you create a list of potential sponsors and endorsers across various categories, from sportswear and equipment to luxury goods and services.


Contract Negotiation

We advocate for favourable terms, ensuring the player's best interests are at the forefront. We manage all aspects of contract discussions, from monetary compensation to the length of the partnership and the specific obligations involved.


Activation & Implementation

We coordinate events, appearances, photo shoots, commercial shoots, and other promotional activities associated with the sponsorship or endorsement. We ensure that all contractual obligations are met, maximising the mutual benefit of the partnership.


Brand Collaboration

We can facilitate collaborative efforts between the player and the brand, such as limited-edition product lines, co-branded merchandise, or joint charity initiatives


Renewal and Expansion

We review the performance and satisfaction levels of existing partnerships. We also advocate for contract renewals or expansions based on the success of the collaboration.

Strategic Brand Alignment

We ensure that sponsorships and endorsements align well with a player's personal brand, values, and image. This strategic alignment ensures authentic and effective collaborations that resonate with fans and the wider audience, enhancing the player's reputation and marketability.

Expertise and Experience

Benefit from the agency's knowledge and experience in the tennis industry and the world of sponsorships. Agencies have a keen understanding of market values, trends, and contract negotiations, ensuring players get the best deals tailored to their unique strengths and brand.

Legal and Financial Protection

With dedicated legal teams, we ensure contracts are favourable, transparent, and protective of the player's interests. This includes fair compensation, clear terms of engagement, and clauses that protect players in case of unforeseen circumstances or conflicts.

Time Efficiency and Focus

Players can dedicate more time to their training, matches, and personal growth. With an agency handling their sponsorship inquiries, players don't need to divert their attention from the game. This ensures peak performance on the court without being burdened by business concerns.

Crisis Management and Reputation Protection

Should controversies arise, be it related to the player's performance, off-court incidents, or issues with sponsors, the agency is equipped to handle these situations. They can manage communication, renegotiate terms if needed, and provide public relations support to maintain the player's positive image in the public eye.


Here are the most frequently asked questions by our customers

We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your personal brand, values, interests, and career goals. We then match these with potential brands that share similar values or cater to target demographics aligned with your fanbase. Our goal is to ensure that any sponsorship or endorsement feels authentic and resonates with both you and your audience.

Our team includes experienced negotiators and legal experts who prioritize your interests. We advocate for favorable compensation, flexibility in terms of time and commitments, and protective clauses that consider potential future scenarios. Our goal is to ensure you are not only compensated fairly but that the terms of engagement respect your time, career goals, and personal values.

In the event of conflicts or disagreements, our team will mediate discussions between you and the sponsor. We’re equipped to handle renegotiations, clarify contract terms, or even manage an exit strategy if required. Our primary aim is to resolve matters amicably while ensuring your reputation and interests remain protected.

Success is measured using various metrics, such as media exposure, brand engagement rates, sales figures (if tied to a product), and audience feedback. We provide regular reports detailing the performance of the partnership, ensuring you’re always informed about its impact and value.

We understand that a professional tennis career can have its highs and lows. Our team works proactively to communicate with sponsors, providing updates, and managing expectations. In the face of challenges, we advocate for understanding and patience, highlighting your long-term value and potential. We also offer PR and media strategies to manage public perception during challenging times.

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