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Tennis coach/ psychologist


During the last 7 years Adam has travelled to 25+ countries for tennis tournaments  ranging from Junior- to Senior Competitions to Nordic- and European Championships.

Adam uses the demands and stress of tennis to help players become strong, resilient people that are able to problem solve in high pressure situations while showing great character. 

Adam is an excellent motivational speaker, who specialises in presentations on the psychological aspect of tennis for Coaches, Players and parents on site and online. Presentations can be both on and off court.

At the same time, Adam does courses for academies/clubs where he works with coaches, players and parents to leave a sustainable effect on the psychological aspect.



Tennis coach/ University Lecturer

  • 1983-1991: Director of the Federal Training School of Tennis in Chianciano Terme, Siena, Italy
  • 1991-1998: Director of the Federal Training School of Junior Tennis Perugia (SAT) with approximately 200 students per year
  • President of Global Professional Tennis Coach Association, founded NYC 2010
  • Technical director for training courses for the Unione Italiana Sportpertutti (UISP)
  • In 1998 coached the Moroccan Davis Cup team versus England and Argentina in Casablanca and in 2011 vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Took part in more than 250 ATP World Tour events, Challengers, and Grand Slams
  • He has worked with Janko Tipsarevic, Ivo Karlovic, Marc Rosset, Hichal Arazi, Karim Alami, George Basl, Rainer Schuettler, and Damir Dzumhur
  • Current director of the private group “Il Perugino: the art of tennis” which was and is composed by a team of elite coaches - the group had and still has top 100 and top 50 ATP players
  • He is registered in the Official List of technicians, specialized in sport psychology. The Register is managed by the AIPS. For several years he held the Optional Courses of Tennis I and Tennis II, at the Isef of Perugia. Those courses were for Isef students and both of them had the relating final exam to be taken
  • He is a director of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the same tennis league of UISP
  • He is a university lecturer of the Perugia University (Italy)
  • President of the Association of world high level tennis coaches “Global Professional Tennis Coach Association” founded in New York in 2010, during the US Open